THE ADVOCATE: Pose's Indya Moore: Next Month We Can Fix Society

I think the construction of terms like Left and Right polarize equality as a type of binary, not a common essential goal but just another opinion or "side." It keeps people from being able to grow, because we are being forced to choose a side — kind of like gender variant or trans people are forced to subscribe to a binary. Binaries definitely keep us from progressing. Imagine if we didn't have political parties and just had people who worked together to improve the life quality of everyone.

"It's also just straight-up weird for people to not want other people to have better living wages and life qualities. I think that speaks to why so many people suffer — because people want them to, not because there is nothing to do about it."

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Global Action Project
Our Webinar on Youth Media Organizing and Redefining Sanctuary

GAP and the Funders Collaborative on Youth Organizing, held an interactive webinar with youth and community organizers, allies and funders to lift up impactful community-based transformative media organizing, in relation to campaigns that expand the narrative framework around "sanctuary" and build local community defense infrastructure. We shared findings and recommendations from Global Action Project’s report, Media in Action: A Field Scan of Media and Youth Organizing in the United States, on ways that organizers, with support from funders and allies, could increase the scale and impact of transformative media organizing. We discussed innovative media approaches with leaders from MijenteBlack Youth Project 100 and the Hate Free Zone.

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