Our Webinar on Youth Media Organizing and Redefining Sanctuary

GAP and the Funders Collaborative on Youth Organizing (FCYO) met with youth and community organizers, allies and funders for an interactive webinar that lifted up impactful community-based transformative media organizing, in relation to campaigns that seek to expand the narrative framework around "sanctuary" and build local community defense infrastructure. We shared findings and recommendations from Global Action Project’s report, Media in Action: A Field Scan of Media and Youth Organizing in the United States, on ways that organizers, with support from funders and allies, can increase the scale and impact of transformative media organizing. And we heard about innovative media approaches from leaders from MijenteBlack Youth Project 100 and the Hate Free Zone.

In this webinar we took the reigns of the narrative around sanctuary cities, gave voice to the youth and community media-makers on the frontlines of this movement, and shared approaches to transformative media organizing and tools for DIY media organizing. 

Panelists included:

Jesse Ehrensaft-Hawley and Lenina Nadal moderated this event.