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Past GAP Programs

Global Action Project youth media programs in the past have included community based programs in Washington Heights such as "Teens Acting Out" and "Teen Power", school based programs like "Bacc Up" at the Baccaluarate School for Global Education, and advanced filmmaking programs such as "Black Book" and "Eye Level".

Watch videos created in past G.A.P. programs below! Contact us at media [at] to arrange a screening.

News and Updates

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Corn in The USA

This animation follows the journey of Cora the corn as she travels the industrial food production chain and searches for a way out!

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Razing NYC: The Disappearance of Affordable Housing

Razing NY: the Disappearance of Affordable Housing investigates patterns of gentrification throughout four different NYC neighborhoods. Bringing together community residents, organizers, business people and policy makers in the neighborhoods of the Lower East Side, Williamsburg, Bushwick and Fort Greene, youth producers cast their cameras on the politics of race, class and economic development as communities fight to make housing affordable for all.

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Set Up

This video questions why people leave school or fail to graduate. Rather than focusing on the more commonly held idea of "drop outs," the video examines the trends of push-outs, and the many ways that young people feel discouraged by the educational system. Interviewing educational researchers, students, and each other, we try to present the stories behind the statistics.

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Should I? Should I Not?

An exploration of youth relationships and gender power structures, Should I? Should I Not? is a hard look at sexual pressure often faced by young women growing up in the city.

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My Dearest Fear

Through personal video diaries and interviews with people in the community of Washington Heights, TAO explores and confronts the fear about testing for HIV.