The C.O.R.E.: In the year 2032, the dictator Solomon has seized power over one of the five islands remaining after a major world war and stripped people of human rights and freedom. Art and gender expression are outlawed. Borders are highly regulated, and no one is safe.

SupaFriends is GAP’s social justice media-arts leadership program for TLGBQ (Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer) youth in New York City. SupaFriends builds community and takes leadership in defining their issues and solutions; produces strategic, thought-provoking media expressing the unique stories and perspectives of TLGBQ youth. The media that is produced is used to facilitate discussions, and enter into public debates about issues that impact the lives of TLGBQ young people, particularly who are youth of color and low-income youth.

This year's film The C.O.R.E. features a trans and gender non-conforming youth liberation army that defeats a brutal dictator. 

From left to right: Supafriends youth media educators Giselle Bleuz, René A. Jáquez, Brooke-Lynn

Giselle: "Why is it important that black trans women are in lead roles?"

Brooke-Lynn: "We are often misrepresented especially as trans women of color. We are often the brunt of the joke. It’s important we are the intelligent character, the one that saves the day."

Are you an TLGBQ youth interested in working with a group to make your own media?