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The Real T: This Is My Truth

Get yr "SAS Facts"! Based on the experiences of LGBTQQ youth of color, this ‘Know Your Rights’ video covers not only street encounters and warrants, but also sexual harassment by police, inappropriate searches of transgender and gender non-conforming youth, profiling for prostitution-related and other “quality of life” offenses, as well as covering new ‘Trans patrol guide’ policies.

A Global Action Project, Community Media in Action Production, created in partnership with Streetwise and Safe.

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Corn in The USA

This animation follows the journey of Cora the corn as she travels the industrial food production chain and searches for a way out!

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My Dearest Fear

Through personal video diaries and interviews with people in the community of Washington Heights, TAO explores and confronts the fear about testing for HIV.

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What's Justice?

The Youth Leadership Project of CAAAV is organizing for justice and community healing in the Bronx.