trans resistance through media (TRTM)

TRTM builds the capacities of TGNC (trans and gender-non conforming) young media producers to create and distribute media that amplifies the impacts of and solutions to the criminalization of TGNC communities in New York City and across the country. TRTM is in the process of developing a national online television platform exclusively for TGNC youth.



Giselle Ariel Bleuz was awarded the Soros Justice Fellowship in order to build the capacity of transgender and gender nonconforming people to produce and distribute media addressing the ways the criminal justice system impacts their communities.

Giselle is a writer, actress, filmmaker and media educator. She began her filmmaking work as a youth producer with the Global Action Project’s SupaFriends social justice media-arts leadership program and has since gone on to write, direct, and act in four short films—including Over Stigmatized, which has been screened in festivals across the United States. At Global Action Project, she was both a Community Media and Action Fellow and an Outreach and Distribution Fellow. She has also been a Safe Sex Educator at the Hetrick Martin Institute. A graduate of Harvey Milk High School, Bleuz was recently featured in both Buzzfeed’s and the HuffPost’s “10 Trans Filmmakers You Should Know.”


producing content

As part of the new TRTM platform, producer Giselle Bleuz is embarking on working on a sequel to the GAP classic, Over Stigmatized. Over Stigmatized: The Stigma Continues  is in pre-production and will be casting soon. Stay tuned to see this new film come to life! Highlights-
The original Over Stigmatized is being remastered for Facebook and is now playing on FB TRTM! Also, watch a Pilot Episode for another show Mistranslated on FB.


STARTING NEW social media platforms

TRTM is building up the shows and producing content to bring more viewers to the media platforms. Here is the TRTM Facebook page. Please join and support. Also follow TRTM on Instagram. More content is coming soon.

If you'd like to arrange a screening, or are an organization interested in partnering with TRTM, please contact Giselle Bleuz at