Become a Global Action Project Youth Producer! Our programs combine media making with social justice issues - such as immigrant and LGBTQ justice - to produce videos that will make an impact and create change in our communities. You will learn how to make videos, share stories, grow your leadership, discuss the power of media in society, while also making friends and building community. Fill out this application and we will get in touch with the details of the next open house.  

Program choices
Global Action Project offers the following programs where young people can focus their conversations and videos on issues they feel most connected to: SupaFriends: A program for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and queer young people. This program was started by GAP youth in 2006 to provide a safe space for young people who identify as LGBTQ to discuss issues that effect their communities and to make movies for LGBTQ justice. Youth Breaking Borders: A program for immigrant youth to talk through their experiences as immigrants in the US and create movies for immigrant justice. Note: We sadly do not have access to translators, so intermediate English language skills are necessary.
Youth who join any of these programs have the opportunity to participate in Smarties, a program designed to assist you with your college applications. Would you like to be part of Smarties?
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