Global Action Project
Global Action Project
Global Action Project cultivates and trains youth from low-income, new immigrant, TGNC (trans and gender non-conforming) and LGBQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer) communities to grow their leadership, make media and tell innovative stories that promote and amplify movements for social justice.







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Events and updates



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Community Events

May 14, 2018- Know Your Rights and Reality on Immigration and Policing With increasing ICE raids at work places, outside of courthouses and neighborhoods and new enforcement regulations to deport and depopulate immigrant communities- we need to continue to build upon community defense work. Join us for a training on Know Your Rights and Reality on Immigration and Policing. We are encouraging people from frontline communities (Undocumented, People of Color, Women, Youth, LGBTQ, Workers) to come learn about their rights on immigration and policing, but also the reality we are living in and how we can use our collective power to fight back.

May 20th, 2018- Taking Back Our School with Education Justice Timelines. GAP will be presenting at this year's 5th Annual Teaching Social Activism in the Classroom Conference! Students and teachers are demanding services and programs to increase access to an innovative, diverse and safe school environment. Part of this, are the stories we share and tell about ourselves and each other. We are not made of atoms, we are made of stories, and our stories, our histories are all we got. Digital tools encourage group participation and develop the political analysis to connect histories of struggle and ultimately imagine alternative futures. Global Action Project’s Movement History Timeline will support participants to work together, build their own histories and create their own futures of education liberation. Join us.

May 26th, 2018- GAP will be presenting at the annual IYE-con (Immigrant Youth Empowerment conference) organized by the New York State Youth Leadership Council. We will hold a workshop on making movies with cellphones and also feature examples of media made for sharing. 

June 13th, 2018- GAP Youth Breaking Borders and SupaFriends Graduation Ceremony 5pm- 7:30pm 

June 14-17, 2018 - GAP will be participating in the annual Allied Media Conference. 

June 19th, 2018 -  LIBERATION: A Fundraiser for Global Action Project. 



"Liberation!" will be Global Action Project's first musical visual piece and you don't want to miss the premiere in June!

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 Youth Breaking Borders

Youth Breaking Borders

Youth Breaking Borders (YBB) is our intensive popular education and leadership program for immigrant and refugee youth.  In YBB, youth produce media that explores critical issues faced by new immigrant youth and their communities; and distribute the pieces, in NYC and nationally, through film screenings, workshops and online delivery platforms to build broad-based support for immigrant youth and intergenerational social change efforts.  

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Community media in action

Community Media in Action links community social justice issues with youth media makers and community organizers for a compelling collaboration. The program provides trainings and support to NYC based social justice groups; including rapid response media production, live event coverage on social media, developing impactful messaging for campaigns, and public speaking. It is our response to the vital need for both media production and analysis in community organizing efforts. It's our attempt to support youth leadership, arts and media at the forefront of organizing for social change. 


SupaFriends is GAP’s social justice media-arts leadership program for TLGBQ (Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer)  youth in New York City. SupaFriends builds community and takes leadership in defining their issues and solutions;  produces strategic, thought-provoking media expressing the unique stories and perspectives of TLGBQ youth. The media that is produced is used to facilitate discussions, and enter into public debates about issues that impact the lives of  TLGBQ people, particularly who are low-income youth of color.


Movement History Timeline

The Movement History Timeline (MHT) is a web-based participatory digital timeline tool that engages artists, youth and educators as they explore the relationships between key pieces of media, popular culture and their own personal stories. Created in partnership with Research Action Design, the MHT includes a working digital prototype and curricula that enable users to generate new individual and community narratives about social issues by exploring the historical role of media in framing cultural, social and political narratives.

Learn how to make videos about issues you care about.